About Us

Verdello is a family-run business in the heart of historic Downtown Sheridan, Wyoming on Grinnell Plaza.  We opened our doors in June 2017 and since that time have been committed to bringing unique food experiences to our community. Our shelves are lined with world flavors and gourmet food items. We believe food is a universal language and tastes provide you with journeys through cultures and history.  From weekly meals to show-stopping dinners, we can help you. There is so much we want to share with you and we hope you take the time to our explore our website and our store!

In our store you can fine over forty olive oils and vinegars, artisan meats and cheeses, quality food products, charcuterie boards, and cooking classes. Explore our website to find your own experience.

Our on-tap options for wine, olive oils, and vinegars provide a unique opportunity. After purchasing your glass bottle in store, you can return the bottle to our store for a refill. We take your old bottle for sanitizing and provide you with a new sanitized bottle. This allows you to only get what you need and also allows us to reduce our waste. No more throwing away glass bottles!

Our Mission

Our mission at Verdello is to bring the world’s flavors to Wyoming and your kitchen. With our oils, vinegars, and specialty food products, we can help you and your family explore the world! Our goal is to help you bring those flavors into your own kitchen and to show everyone great tasting and healthy food does not have to be difficult. We want to share our passion for food and exploration with you!