Meet Team Verdello

Kathy Bede – Owner

Kathy’s idea for Verdello began with searching for great tasting truffle oil. While on a trip to Austria, Kathy visited her first Oil & Vinegar shop and she instantly became enamored by the concept. Beautiful oils and vinegars were stored in glass containers and poured straight from the containers into bottles you could take home. The oils and vinegars were pure, simple, and delicious, especially the truffle oil. Back home she had not been able to find truffle oil that tasted quite right. Laden with bottles of oils and vinegars, and new ideas, Kathy returned home in search for the perfect truffle oil. She has found the truffle oil she long searched for and now has brought it to Sheridan.

Prior to Verdello, Kathy owned and operated Cottonwood Shop. After “retiring” and selling Cottonwood to another Downtown enthusiast, she yearned to return to the community of Downtown Sheridan and to introduce something new. Remembering her search for the perfect truffle oil, Kathy, and her husband Mark, began pursuing their own Oil & Vinegar shop believing the shop would compliment established local businesses like Cottonwood Shop.

Kathy’s love of cooking stems from her family. Some of her favorite memories are going to Trapper Creek outside of Shell, Wyoming with her dad to hunt for wild watercress and mushrooms. They would later add the watercress to his bean dish he’d make with his roasted pig. Her dad also made and sold his own BBQ sauce, Trail Sauce #1 and Trail Sauce #2. With her mom, she remembers making Chiburekki, a German recipe passed down through the generations. Kathy has continued this tradition with her own family. With her spearheading, she and her family search out new flavors, new combinations, and learn the dishes’ history and culture. They rarely stick to one cuisine and are always on the search for something new to try.

Kathy is excited to bring you on this endeavor with her and show you how fun, delicious, and simple cooking can be. Since opening the store, Kathy has completed a training at Murray’s cheese in New York and her WSET Level 1 & 2, Sommelier course.

Nikkita Miller

General Manager

Nikkita’s love of food started from a young age while watching her mother and grandmother’s natural dominion in the kitchen. Though capable of following a recipe, her greatest culinary passions are in the art of cooking by feel. Professionally, she has been in food and beverage in one capacity or another since 2005. She studied Journalism and Religious Studies at the University of Wyoming and soon found employment as an Event Planner at a local chophouse and brewery. There she found a deep admiration for beer and cut her chops as a product photographer. That work led her around Wyoming and even to Sacramento, California alongside her husband, as they both advanced their careers in craft beer.

After her time away, she has delighted in her return to Wyoming and is equally as enthusiastic about finding a home in Verdello. The high-end oils and vinegars have greatly elevated her cooking endeavors and her understanding of fermented fare is ever expanding. She has completed her Level I wine certification through the WSET program and looks forward to the continuation of that education. Being a good wine steward is her worthy pursuit as she hopes to share that knowledge and guide consumers to new and exciting offerings at Verdello.