Meet Team Verdello

Kathy Bede – Owner

Kathy’s idea for Verdello began with searching for great tasting truffle oil. While on a trip to Austria, Kathy visited her first Oil & Vinegar shop and she instantly became enamored by the concept. Beautiful oils and vinegars were stored in glass containers and poured straight from the containers into bottles you could take home. The oils and vinegars were pure, simple, and delicious, especially the truffle oil. Back home she had not been able to find truffle oil that tasted quite right. Laden with bottles of oils and vinegars, and new ideas, Kathy returned home in search for the perfect truffle oil. She has found the truffle oil she long searched for and now has brought it to Sheridan.

Prior to Verdello, Kathy owned and operated Cottonwood Shop. After “retiring” and selling Cottonwood to another Downtown enthusiast, she yearned to return to the community of Downtown Sheridan and to introduce something new. Remembering her search for the perfect truffle oil, Kathy, and her husband Mark, began pursuing their own Oil & Vinegar shop believing the shop would compliment established local businesses like Cottonwood Shop.

Kathy’s love of cooking stems from her family. Some of her favorite memories are going to Trapper Creek outside of Shell, Wyoming with her dad to hunt for wild watercress and mushrooms. They would later add the watercress to his bean dish he’d make with his roasted pig. Her dad also made and sold his own BBQ sauce, Trail Sauce #1 and Trail Sauce #2. With her mom, she remembers making Chiburekki, a German recipe passed down through the generations. Kathy has continued this tradition with her own family. With her spearheading, she and her family search out new flavors, new combinations, and learn the dishes’ history and culture. They rarely stick to one cuisine and are always on the search for something new to try.

Kathy is excited to bring you on this endeavor with her and show you how fun, delicious, and simple cooking can be. Since opening the store, Kathy has completed a training at Murray’s cheese in New York and her WSET Level 1 & 2, Sommelier course.

Lindsey Vredenburg

General Manager

Lindsey returned to her hometown Sheridan, Wyoming with the goal to become an integral member of the Downtown community. Lindsey remembers growing up in her mother’s downtown business, Cottonwood Shop. This shaped her and gave her the entrepreneurial drive.  However, Lindsey reaches further back into her childhood for her passion. Lindsey remembers her grandfather making a pot of spaghetti and cooking it all day so the subtle flavors of the sauce would be more pronounced.

Lindsey is Verdello’s general manager as well as Verdello’s premier wine and cheese connoisseur. Lindsey has completed a meat and cheese course with Murray’s Cheese in New York as well as her WSET Level 1 & 2, Sommelier Certification.

Through Lindsey’s training, she has superior knowledge in wine and cheese pairings. Lindsey can give you the best advise in selecting the best wine for any meal and special event. Beyond her expertise in wine, cheeses, and meats, Lindsey is also dedicated to teaching Verdello customers that although healthy, home-made cooking may seem daunting, overwhelming, and easier to avoid, in actuality, a good meal is within your grasp! Once you realize how simple it can be, you will never turn back. Our lives can be extremely hectic with all of our responsibilities, kids, work, etc., and having a good home meal should not be a stressful event. There is a trend of us moving away from the home-made family dinner, but it is important for our physical and mental health to revive this tradition.

Lindsey hopes she can pass along not only her love of cooking, but also the practical aspects of making a good meal, to her two daughters Lydia and Macey and son Kamden. Beyond her family, Lindsey also endeavors to serve her community through being an active member of the Downtown Sheridan Association.


Heather Schmeiser

Kitchen Manager

Heather first started working at Verdello in August 2020 as a sales associate. She quickly gravitated towards the kitchen due to her expansive experience in the restaurant industry. Heather’s involvement in the restaurant industry began when she was only fifteen years old when she started serving in Sheridan and then she continued this track in Laramie as she worked through college. While at college, Heather received a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Following college, Heather moved to Minnesota and became a Front House Manager for thirteen years in Southwest/Mexican themed restaurants that specialized in hand-crafted cocktails and high-end Mexican Tapas. Heather then moved to Colorado in 2016 and was the General Manager of Centro Mexican Kitchen and Zolo Grill in Boulder before coming back to her home town.

Heather loves to cook and travel to eat unique foods in different cultures and cities. Not only does she enjoy the experience, but nutrition and whole food sourcing has fueled her background in the field. Heather applies her passion and knowledge in the Verdello kitchen to teach our guests how to effectively use our oils, vinegars, salts, and various sauces. It is very rewarding for Heather to help people get excited about food. Food is life, make it more fun & interesting!

Heather loves meeting people in our kitchen. She wants to continue to teach our community about our never-ending products and how to use them in creating new meals. Heather is dedicated to creating more opportunities in the community that develop better eating habits and to get customers to make better choices in daily food and wine products. She is excited to find more ways to educate the community and foster more ideas to create!

“Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.” Jonathan Saran Foer